SuperBox4 2player

SuperBox4 2player

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Superbox 4 gör så att du kan andvända 2 stycken PS2 handkontroller till din dator via USB.
OBS! Ger ingen support på denna produkt typ: Varför fungerar ej detta tillbehör på min dator och mitt program.


Instruktioner på engelska:
1.Support Real Wibrations by using D-SHOCK and on the supported games-unlike the others wich were driven by sound effect.
2. Conver your PSX Joypad, racing wheel, dancing controllers, D-SHOOK to be used on your computers.
3. Two players by only using one Super Box4 converter, onthe supported games, two players can play at same time.
4. Support all of the buttons on your PSX Controller.
5. Easy to use hot-plug into the usb port of your computer and install the drivers. Then it works perferctly.
6. Require hardware and softwére.
* Windows98, Windows 2000 or Windows XP with usb port.
* Directx 8.1a
* Not compartible with MS-DOS.
* Compartible with most of the games with Force FeedBack , but not all of them.
7. Enclosed * Super Box4 * CD-R.


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